VW Golf 8 GTI available in three power levels?

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GTIs from 195 kW to 240 kW

2019 is the year we’ll see the next VW Golf 8 GTI… and it will come in three levels of power.

At least that’s according to German magazine Autobild who usually have the inside track when it comes to what the German car brands have in the pipeline.

We know there’s a Golf 7 facelift on the way – most likely in late 2016 – which means an all-new Golf is another three years away after that.

Autobild says the VW Golf 8 GTI will be available in three power stages: the 195 kW GTI Classic, the 220 kW GTI Performance, and the range-topping, 240 kW GTI Club Sport. They even speculate we could see an even a more hardcore 294 kW all-wheel-drive model

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