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Baby Lexus on the way?

LF-SA Concept

Motoring Australia reports that Lexus had (accidentally) published and quickly removed a teaser image of the so called LF-SA concept car which is believed to be an Audi A1 rival. The concept features the spindle grille and the bonnet is seemingly smaller, further suggesting its a small car. Could it be the brand’s version of the Toyota IQ city car? We’ll see.

This I believe is confirming that Lexus is planning to build a model below the CT hatchback, sharing underpinnings with the Yaris.

“The leaked photo certainly confirms Lexus is planning a new city-car that, like the mid-size NX crossover, continues the Toyota premium brand’s evolving and increasingly audacious L-finesse design language.”

LF-SA Concept


The concept is to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3.

..and so we wait.

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  • Maninzi

    It would really be great for Lexus to put a nice rival for the likes of Audi A1 and also to expand options.

    • Absolut Sabs

      Yeah, we need options! It would be interesting indeed

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